Aerial Bungee

Buckle-up and soar above your fitness goals with aerial bungee fitness that gets you moving and gives you the full freedom of motion while suspended above the ground! Aerial bungee is a fun, easy, low-impact leg workout, with a huge emphasis on core strengthening.

  • Aerial Bungee Fitness

    Enter the world of weightlessness with us! Hang around and strengthen your body through intense core training while being suspended above the ground! This class is for everyone from the unfamiliar to professional dancers. Explore progressive movements that can challenge super fit athletes, or mobilize the novice.

  • ​Core Bungee

    Engage in a hardcore abdominal workout, super-spy style! Train static and dynamic movements to engage and coordinate the core.

  • ​Advanced Bungee

    Not for the faint of heart, this advanced bungee class is for experienced aerialists only. Come soar with us as you free yourself from gravity. Train using challenging moves and combinations to truly test your mettle. Lift-off, bound and spin in this creative, high-intensity class.

  • ​Fight Club

    Come fly with us as we leap and bound through the air in this movement intensive class. Focusing on leg mechanics, this class will not only be an intense core workout, but also counts as leg-day, as we attempt to get maximum hang time, experiencing true lift-off.


Ki-Hara® Resistance Stretching And Wellness

Stretch and strengthen your muscles with this intricate technique of Ki-Hara® Eccentric Resistance stretching. Whether on its own or as a complement to your existing fitness or yoga routine, this class teaches students self-care in stretching and assisted stretches to keep the muscles long and strong; promote stronger movements; and keep the joints healthy and motion- balanced. Using different mobility exercises, our target is to increase strength throughout entire ranges of motion. This class is a must for injury prevention and recovery.




Learn freestyle dance movement to expand awareness of your body, create control and better coordination, all while burning calories, toning your body, extending your flexibility, accentuating body positivity, and building self-confidence.



Physical Therapy

Providing in-studio private sessions or on-site physical therapy services, Karen brings decades of experience to her many clients and strives to heal and see positive results.

Pain and injury can wreak havoc on the body and restrict many of the everyday things people need and love to do. Karen’s life’s work is to drastically improve participant’s quality of life, while she strives to push the body to work beyond expectations. Karen is able to examine and identify areas of concern in the body, then skillfully utilize techniques to increase mobility and function as pain and impairments decrease. Through hard work and determination by both patient and therapist, Karen believes in achieving freedom of the body, with a win in every inch of mobility gained.


Multi-Media Education

If you don’t have time to come to the fitness studio, students can subscribe to or purchase individual or packaged internet fitness courses or videos via LearnDash for online instruction. Continuing Education courses for professionals will also be available for doctors, specialists, physical and occupational therapists, and other healthcare providers.